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Learn 1000 English words in 2 minutes!

You may think that learning vocabulary is a long difficult process but with this helpful trick you can almost instantly learn more than 1000 words.

The majority of words in Spanish that end with “-dad” can be made into English by changing the “-dad” into “-ty”

Habilidad - Ability

Seguridad – Security

Humanidad- Humanity

Amazing, isn't it!? There are over 230 words which follow this pattern.

Additionally, we can add more than 320 cognates using the pattern “-cion” becomes “-tion”

Hibernación – Hibernation

Pronunciación – Pronunciation

Colección- Collection

For an additional 200 words you just need to remember that lots of words that end in “-ar” convert to “-ate”

Motivar – Motivate

Separar – Separate

Inmigrar – Immigrate

These cognates are as a result of the same language roots that English and Spanish occasionally share. Often there is an influence from Greek or Latin.

One final cognate that I will leave you with will add an extra 250 words to your now very large vocabulary. Words which end in “-ico” in Spanish are simply converted to “-ic” in English.




See! English is so easy!

1000 English words

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