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Easter traditions in the UK

We are taking a week off for Easter. But how do we celebrate it in the UK?

Easter symbols

The theme of Easter is ‘rebirth’, both for its religious meaning and the time of year. In spring there are many flowers and baby animals. Symbols of Easter are rabbits, chicks and eggs.

Church services

The are special church services over the Easter period, particularly on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Chocolate eggs

The most common tradition in the UK is to give and receive chocolate eggs. These come in a variety of sizes, and each brand of chocolate does its own Easter egg. Some of the most famous chocolates are: Cadburys creme eggs, Cadburys mini eggs and the gold Lindt bunny.

Easter egg hunts

With children we often do an Easter egg hunt. Little eggs are hidden around the house or garden by the Easter bunny, and the children have to find them all. Sometimes we add clues to make it more of a treasure hunt, with the big chocolate egg as the final prize.

Easter hat competitions

In primary schools in the UK, often we have Easter hat competitions. Children have to design and make an Easter-themed hat, which they then bring to school and wear in a special parade. There are often prizes for the best hats!

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a special type of bread roll that we eat at Easter, with spices and dried fruit inside. They have a cross design on the top. We toast them and eat them with lots of butter.

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