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Daisy, our new teacher

Hello, I’m Daisy, a new teacher at West One. I’m from England and grew up in a small village near Cambridge; my family now live in Cornwall by the sea in the South-West of England. One of my biggest passions is reading and I studied a degree in English and Classical Studies, and then a Masters in English literature. I love travelling too, and have been to many places including: Morocco, Namibia, India, Australia, America and New Zealand. I’ve always had an aspiration to try living abroad, to immerse myself in another culture, and I decided to go to Barcelona as I love the culture here. Another motivation was to teach as I am very much a people-person and grew up surrounded by many young siblings! I always wanted to give teaching a go and had done some tutoring. All these factors contributed to me applying to a language assistant program last year, and I spent seven months living in Barcelona and working in a school. It was a hugely valuable experience, often challenging but equally rewarding and fun. I believe that teaching a language is very important as it opens up the world, allowing you to communicate with people from other countries and learn from them. I’ve returned this year to teach at West One and get to know this wonderful city a bit more. I’m looking forward to meeting and teaching some of you :)


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