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Learning English from the news

Keeping up to date with the latest news has many advantages for English students who are looking to improve their language skills.

The news is constantly new, hence the name, and always developing so it is difficult to get bored when the subject is always changing. Furthermore, you can concentrate on the stories that catch your attention. So, if the latest music releases are what interests you, or if you prefer to keep up with the breaking news story regarding the financial world, there will always be something for you.

What is more, being knowledgeable about the latest news will offer you instant conversation topics with English speakers and learners, with whom it may otherwise have been difficult to find a topic of conversation.

It is also an extremely convenient way of learning the language as you will be able to access the news through a number of different types of media.

You may struggle to get your hands on a paper newspaper but a number of internationally renowned English language publishers have free to read online versions, such as The Guardian and The New York Times. The BBC also has an extremely comprehensive website which covers many varied areas. This is an excellent way to improve your reading comprehension abilities.

You can also get the news from the radio or podcasts in English which means you can practise while you are commuting to work on the bus or cooking the dinner. An added benefit of listening to the news is that usually the presenter would have a relatively neutral accent and use grammatically correct language. Obviously, this method is ideal for perfecting your listening skills.

Find the ideal news for you!

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