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Teacher interview: Tom

Get to know West One's newest teacher Tom, who joined our team at the beginning of this academic year.

-Why did you decide to move to BCN?

To be warm!

-Is life in BCN similar to how you expected it would be? Is there anything that surprised you?

I didn´t have any specific expectations when I came here. I was ignorant of Barcelona and was pleasantly surprised.

(I did expect Sagrada Familia to be bigger though.)

-Is there anything you miss about life in the UK?

Real Ale (a type of beer) and Roast Dinners!

Sometimes I miss the countryside or small-town life in general, more than a specific place.

-What is your favourite Catalan tradition?

Fiestas in the street.

Also the Christmas poop-log.

-What are your favourite genres of music? Favourite singers?

I like lots of variety – from Beethoven to Sia to Psytrance.

-Are there any other countries or cities you would like to live in in the future?

Maybe somewhere in Central America, I´m particularly enchanted by Nicaragua, which has a rainbow in its flag!

-What is your number one piece of advice for someone learning English?

Just speak lots, and don´t let the spelling get you down!

-Do you have any hidden talents?

Probably, but I haven't found them yet!

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