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Bargain Trips in April 2019!

Are you getting itchy feet? Do you have the travel bug? Feel like you need to catch some rays?

Well, here are some destinations you could fly to from Barcelona airport this April. What's more, all of these flights cost less than 50 euros return! How could you say no?!

Palma, Mallorca

4/4/19 - 8/4/19 17 Euros

At 17 euros this is the bargain of the month, furthermore the flight only takes 50 minutes so you will be there in no time. Combined with a reasonably priced hotel or AirBnB this could be the ideal getaway for those who do not have a huge bank account. In Palma you can see stunning architecture, eat fabulous food such as Arrós Brut and Coca of Trampó and of course sunbathe on some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

Liverpool, UK

26/4/19 - 30/4/19 33 Euros

England´s 5th biggest city might not be where you first think of when planning a trip to the UK. However, it is an extremely interesting diverse city with many things to do and see. A weekend in Liverpool wouldn´t be complete without a trip to the world famous Cavern Club where The Beatles made their name, a stroll along the Albert Docks and of course a trip to Anfield Stadium where Liverpool FC play their games.

Luqa, Malta

7/4/19 - 12/4/19 34 Euros

Malta is well known for its beautiful beaches, sun and sea and what is more English is an official language so it is a great place to practise without having to endure the weather of the British Isles. Additionally, Malta is considered to be one of the finest diving spots in Europe so if lying on a beach all day isn´t your thing, there are plenty of water sports to keep you occupied.

Fez, Morocco

2/4/19 - 11/4/19 36 Euros

It may be hard to believe but yes, it is possible to fly to another continent and back for the same price as a pair of shoes. Fez is like a living museum where you can walk through the streets and experience over a thousand years of history. The UNESCO world heritage site, Fez el-Bali is the world´s largest car-free urban site and is a stunning place to spend a few days. There is a huge variety of things to do here, for example, visit traditional Moroccan baths.

bargain flights this April

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