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10 Ways to Live a Happy and Healthy Life

As 2019 has started many people will have made (and possibly already broken) New Year´s Resolutions. Here you will find a list of easy tips that will help to improve your everyday life.

  1. Giving – Try and be generous when you can. This can be in different ways, ranging from donating money, volunteering for a charity, offering help to a friend or even just stopping to talk and listen to others.

  1. Friends – Don´t take your friendships for granted. Make sure you put time and effort into keeping a friendship strong. Try to see friends on a regular basis: meet up to watch a football match or just have a coffee.

  1. Move – For many people going to the gym sounds like a horrible activity but there are other ways to get exercise: gardening, walking the dog and taking the stairs rather than the lift. Remember a healthy body means a healthy mind!

  1. Think happy thoughts - It has been scientifically proven that having a pessimistic attitude can reduce your lifespan. Being negative is hard work as it drains you of vital energy.

  1. Laugh - Laughter is another major factor that centenarians cite when giving reasons for how they managed to live to be 100. So, try and find reasons to laugh on a regular basis, go to comedy shows, meet friends, watch funny films!

  1. Sleep – Sleeping for between 7-9 hours a night will do you the world of good! It is extremely important that you get enough sleep so that you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the next day!

  1. Go on Holiday – Taking regular breaks is a great way to improve your health; physical and mental. Make sure you book regular trips away, even if it is just weekends away to see a friend in another city.

  1. Sunbathe – Make sure you are getting enough sun or you may find you are suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This affliction causes people to feel down during long winter months with little sun.

  1. Play – Throw a frisbee, spend a few hours playing on the PS4, dig out the chess board, show your sister who is the Scrabble master! No matter what game you are playing, they will all be beneficial for your mind, body and relationships.

  1. Declutter – Have a real sort through your possessions and ask yourself if it is something that you really need. If it's an item of clothing, have you worn it in the past 12 months? The benefits of decluttering include: improved health, a cleaner house and a mental health boost.

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