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Blue Monday

Are you feeling a bit down today? Are you finding it difficult to smile? Is everything a little depressing?

If the answer is Yes then you are not alone. Today is Blue Monday, supposedly the most miserable day of the year. The 3rd Monday of January is considered to be the day when we are feeling the most depressed. But why is this the case?

Amazingly, there is an equation which has calculated why this day is so miserable. This equation takes into account a number of factors to determine this specific date. These include:

  • the amount of time that has passed since Christmas

  • the weather conditions (this formula only works for the Northern Hemisphere as generally this is where cold/wet/windy weather would be experienced at this time of year)

  • low motivational levels which could be due to having already broken New Year's Resolutions

  • money of course will be a factor as many of us will have overspent over the festive period and now are waiting for our next pay to come.

This calculation is obviously not really scientific and this day was originally invented by a company hoping to sell their products back in 2005. However, it is likely there is some truth to this time of year being a little less happy for some.

If you do find yourself feeling a little blue, here are a few things to remember that may help cheer you up:

1. In the Western World the number of deaths by cancer has dropped by 25% since 1991.

2. An area in Pakistan recently announced they were planning to plant a billion trees over the next 2 years.

3. The number of people living in poverty in China has halved in the past 8 years.

4. In the UK, where the industrial revolution began, the carbon emissions fell to the lowest level since 1895 and on the 21st April the country didn't burn any coal.

5. In 2018 women were given the right to drive in Saudia Arabia on top of being able to study and travel without male supervision.

6. The gender pay gap has halved in the USA since 1980 to 17%, though of course there is a long way to go.

Finally, if none of these facts help you to be positive you just have to remember that there are only 152 days until June 22nd which will be the happiest day of the year!

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Blue Monday Inside Out

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