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5 tips for passing First Certificate

Are you thinking about taking the FCE exam? Have you already signed up to do it? Have you failed an exam in the past? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then this article is for you!

Here we will share some tips for getting the best possible results in the Cambridge First exam.

1. Obviously the best way of giving yourself the best chance of passing the exam is to come to classes at West One. With more than 20 years of experience, the teachers there are experts in the Cambridge exams. So make sure you regularly attend every week and when possible sign up for the extra free conversation class.

2. Do as many past papers as you can and do them under exam style conditions. One element of the exam that many people struggle with is the time keeping. Therefore, when you are practising make sure you set a strict time limit. As an example, the Reading and Use of English part of the exam is just 1 hour amd 15 minutes. Within this time you have to complete 7 different parts, which works out at a little over 10 minutes each.

3. Be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions. Make sure you are answering the correct question. In the Writing, for example, 25% of the marks are available for “Content” which focuses on how well the candidate has fulfilled the task, in other words, if he/she has done what they were asked to do.

4. In the Reading paper you will undoubtedly encounter words that you do not know. This is to be expected so do not let it worry you. It is more important to get a general meaning, you then may be able to understand the unknown word or phrases from the context.

5. Don't feel discouraged! If you find yourself struggling on a certain part of the exam, do not worry about it. Don´t waste time on it, just move on and come back to it later if you have enough time. There are lots of marks available so even if you have a poor Writing you may then recover the marks in the Listening or Speaking.

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