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How to practise your English outside of the classroom

Coming to classes at West One is a great way to improve your English but it is important to do more than just come once or twice a week if you really want to develop your fluency. Here are a few easy ways in which you can improve your English skills in addition to coming to the academy:

  1. Read Read Read.....Reading is a brilliant way of improving your vocabulary and understanding of the English language. Just ask in reception at West One and they will be able to recommend a book which is suitable for your level.

  2. You could try watching films or TV shows in English. On many televisions and the majority of streaming services, such as Netflix/HBO/Amazon etc, you can choose the audio language and the subtitles you want. If you can, watch the film without subtitles however if that is too difficult you can use English subtitles also. Not Spanish! Another piece of advice is to re-watch a film you´ve already seen as you will already have an understanding of the plot.

  3. Come to the free conversation classes at West One! In addition to your weekly classes there are also free conversation classes included in the price. Ask in reception for more details.

  4. Go out and meet native English speakers! As you well know Barcelona is popular with tourists, especially those from the UK and Ireland. So why not take advantage of this and go down to Barceloneta, Las Ramblas or an Irish bar and have a conversation with someone.

  5. Listen to music. Make sure you try and pay attention to the lyrics to understand what they mean. You could even sing along as well!

  6. Surround yourself with English! Little changes such as changing your mobile phone setting or computers preferences to English will help to normalise the language in your everyday life.

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Practise English outside West One

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