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How to stay warm!

It seems the boiling hot summer has barely finished but the cold weather is rapidly approaching now we are in autumn. There are some people who will be gladly welcoming this fall in temperatures whereas others will be wishing the hotter months lasted just a little bit longer.

As the majority of the staff from West One School of English are from the United Kingdom, we have a LOT of experience with this kind of weather! Here we share some tips on how to stay warm throughout the autumn and upcoming winter.

wrap up warm

1, It´s much easier to warm yourself than it is to warm your surroundings. Therefore, it is much better to put on an extra layer before turning on the heating. It is much cheaper too!

2, Make sure you wear a hat. You lose the majority of your body heat through your head so it is a wise idea to keep it warm.

3, Stay away from alcohol. Even though you may feel warmer after drinking alcohol, in reality, it brings down your core temperature. Futhermore, it limits your ability to shiver which is very important in low temperatures.

4, Make sure you are eating well. Have at least one hot meal every day and ensure you are getting a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables.

5, Try and keep as active as possible. The more muscle you have the easier it is for the body to keep itself warm. So, even though the bus may seem more tempting it might just be better to walk.

6, Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If you know in advance if a storm or a windy day is on the way you will be able to plan your day and dress accordingly.

Good luck with keeping away the cold and staying toasty and warm!

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