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Why learn English?

Advantages of learning a language

One of the best things about coming to West One is that you get to meet lots of like-minded people.

why learn English

Immediately, you have new friends to practise your English with. Additionally, when you go to a new country you will be able to be much more sociable. People love it when visitors make the effort to speak their language.

Your job prospects will improve a lot if you can demonstrate a high level of English. More and more, employers and universities are asking for a certificate in English as it shows you have an excellent level of communication and the ability to connect with a large group of people.

It has been proven that learning a second language significantly improves your memory and attention span. Futhermore, learning how to speak a new language will in turn help improve your native language as it teaches you the structure and mechanics behind other languages.

Being able to speak another language and therefore being able to communicate with more people has the added effect of an increase in self-confidence. Other people are naturally attracted to the openness and quick-mindedness of people who speak more languages.

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