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Recomendamos una serie en inglés

Series to watch: The Crown

A great series to watch to practise your English is ‘The Crown’. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch (currently 65 years) and is an icon of the United Kingdom. The series ‘The Crown’ tells the story of her sudden accession to the throne at the young age of 25, and shows the subsequent four years where she learnt to acclimatise to rule.

It also tells the story of other famous historical figures such as prime minister Winston Churchill and key events in this era. The series is beautifully shot with scenes in the British countryside and of famous buildings such as Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Set in 1947 to 1955, the series captures the look of the period with authentic furniture, cars and costumes. It gives a human understanding of what it means to be a queen with a focus on Elizabeth’s struggle between her duty and personal wishes.

Overall, it is intelligent and informative, telling the story of a key British figure and historical period. It is also a great way to practice your ‘Queen’s English’ pronunciation!

The first series is currently on Netflix and the second is due to be released in December this year.

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