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How to pass First Certificate fast

Lots of people have this objective: First, B2. Students need it for university or work, but it is quite a difficult level of English to achieve (lograr). There is no fast way to pass it, but don’t stress, your teachers at West One can help you!


To learn English you need to be consistent (constante) and patient. Studying a little every day works the best. Come to class, do your homework and find a television series to watch, a blog to read or a podcast to listen to:

The 5 skills

Remember that First Certificate has 5 skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening and use of English (grammar/vocabulary). Do a practice exam to find out which skills you are good at. If you are good at reading, you can focus more on the other skills. Writing and speaking are easier to improve (mejorar) because you produce the English yourself. We know it requires more effort, but give your teacher writing to correct!

The Use of English obsession

Often, this is the part that students find most difficult. It is vital not to obsess about this part. You should do practice exams for technique, but doing lots of them does not improve your level. Going to class is the best way to practise Use of English. If you are a list person, make a list of different forms and synonyms of words.


Trustworthy (fiable) – trusting (confiado) – trust (confianza) – to trust (confiar) Synonyms: dependable, reliable, responsible

You can also study English grammar, which is especially useful for transformation sentences.

Here is a list of typical grammar to revise for this part:

Conditionals, passive, present perfect, reported speech, modal verbs

Everybody is different

Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses (puntos fuertes y débiles). Once you have studied all the basic English grammar and vocabulary (from Beginner to Upper intermediate, level B1+), everybody works at a different pace (ritmo). Try not to get frustrated, time and study will help you improve your English level little by little.

How to sign up (matricularse)

You will see from class exercises and exams when you are getting good marks. You need a 6 to pass First Certificate. Ask for a complete practice exam (or 2 if you want to make sure) before you pay your money! Normally you have to pay 2 months before the official exam date. West One offers to sign you up for December and June, and Exams Catalunya offer other dates too. You can still prepare your official exam with us.

Success (éxito)

Follow the advice (consejo) of your teachers if you want to be successful at passing First Certificate.

⦁ Be consistent with your studying ⦁ Practise the 5 skills, especially writing ⦁ Don’t obsess or stress ⦁ Only sign up if you pass the practice exam ⦁ Come to reception for extra listening & speaking sessions

Learning English in general will help you more than only focusing on the exam. More and more people will have the First Certificate (B2) in the future, so consider studying for the Advanced (C1) too! West One can advise you and guide you towards (hacia) your objectives.

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