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Extra practice for Cambridge Exams

Several of our students at West One have signed up to take the PET, FCE, CAE or CPE Cambridge Exam in June this year. When you sign up for a language exam, it’s important to continue practising by doing a few exercises every week. The more practice you do, the easier the exam will be.

You may also be intending to do the exam next year and starting practice now will only help you be ready to do so.

Here’s a list of some useful resources that can help you prepare for these exams.

Free resources

  • The Cambridge English official website contains information about each section of the exam and 1 or 2 free practice tests which you can download as a PDF. Choose your level on the ‘Exams and Tests’ tab, and select ‘Preparation’ to find the practice tests.

  • On the Cambridge English YouTube Channel, you can watch videos of Cambridge speaking exams, to see how the exam will be on the day.

  • Flo-Jo is a useful website that has free online practice tests for each of the Cambridge Exams. Also see their ‘Spotlight’ papers which explain the use of English sections of the FCE, CAE and CPE exams in more detail.

  • ExamEnglish is another website which has free online activities for all levels of the Cambridge Exams.

  • EnglishRevealed has practice of useful grammar, vocab and different sections of the Cambridge Exams. Create a username and register for free to access 5 exercises for each section.

Paid resources

  • TestandTrain contains 6 interactive practice exams for the FCE and CAE. You need to pay 23 euros to gain access for 18 months.

  • There are several useful books that can help you prepare for the exams. Books such as the Cambridge English ‘Exam Booster’, or books of practice tests. Please note that if you are a student at West One, do not worry about buying them, we have practice papers available in reception.

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